Smart wardrobe trends

Maximising the practicality and aesthetic of wardrobe or closet storage is always a hot topic, and here are some of the smart solutions trending in home interior design now:

Light up

Wardrobes can be dark and difficult to navigate, especially in poorly lit rooms. Brighten up a closet with practical lighting such as:

  • Recessed LED strips in shelves
  • Rope lights fixed to hanging rails
  • Motion sensor lights that activate when doors are opened
  • Mirror surround lights


Maximise the full vertical space of a wardrobe by installing pull-down closet rods, allowing you to easily access high-hanging items.


There are so many practical solutions for compact storage that keeps clothing items neat and tidy; slide-out trouser racks, belt, tie and scarf hangers and even shoe shelves.

Fit in

Interior fixtures, features and finishes should enhance not compete with a home’s architecture and interior design. Custom built wardrobes that fit the natural architectural shaping of a home i.e. under stairs, in loft or nook. Companies such as Synergy can design and manufacture storage solutions bespoke to the unique needs of any space.

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  1. Mrs Pemba - Reply

    Morning, I would like my bedroom cabinets to be so unique and stylish and easy to use and access and I like what I see in your website when can u be able to do the qoute ?

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