Choosing the right kitchen layout

Remodelling your kitchen can be a daunting project. The decisions you make will impact how well your kitchen will work for you, and how well you will work in your kitchen. Take the time and do the research to look at all the options, analyse which best suits the space and layout of your home and which best complements your lifestyle.

The space you have available for your new kitchen is the first criteria that need to be assessed. Small homes or apartments often will only allow enough space for a one-wall kitchen layout. It has all cabinets and appliances on a single wall. This layout suits narrow kitchens and open-plan homes or works well for those who are not avid home cooks and simply need the kitchen for storage and simple tasks.

Choosing the right kitchen layout - Synergy Cabinets

Our top three tips for one-wall kitchens:

  1. Choose smaller appliances.
  2. Optimise your storage by installing wall-mounted cabinets.
  3. Consider adding a kitchen island if you have the space.

Adding an island to any kitchen is a great way to add workspace and storage. Installing a sink to the island provides a separate functioning workspace to clean and prep food. If installing a cooker on a kitchen island be sure it has the right ventilation and or extraction.  A kitchen island is a welcome addition to an open-plan one-wall kitchen as it facilitates a more integrated kitchen that allows the person working in the kitchen to face the open-plan living area.

Be sure to ensure that you have the required floor space. To add a small practical kitchen island, you will need at least 1,5m squared.

Choosing the right kitchen layout - Synergy Cabinets

Our top three kitchen island tips:

  1. Ensure a clearance space around the island of at least 800mm to allow drawer, doors and appliances to open unobstructed.
  2. Match the shape and width of the kitchen island to suit the style of your kitchen.
  3. Consider adding seating to one side of the island to create an eat-in kitchen.

If you have a narrow long kitchen and no space for a kitchen island, perhaps a galley kitchen is the most suited layout for your home. The galley layout works well in kitchens where doors are positioned on the short walls of a rectangle-shaped kitchen. Designed properly, this kitchen layout can be very practical and comfortable to work in, although not ideal for multiple home cooks working together.

Choosing the right kitchen layout - Synergy Cabinets

Our top three tips for a galley kitchen:

  1. You will need a minimum of 1,2m between opposite kitchen cabinets.
  2. If the kitchen has little natural light, do not install wall-mounted cabinets on both walls, otherwise, you could create a claustrophobic space.
  3. If your remodelling allows for it, create a big glass kitchen exterior door to help with ventilation and light.

With more space within an open-plan home, an L-shaped kitchen works well. This kitchen layout can comprise kitchen cabinetry on two adjacent walls or a peninsula off one wall. It is a practical layout for small-medium sized homes. One of its most attractive features it hat it facilitates the work triangle well in a smaller home. The work triangle is the layout between the kitchen sink, refrigerator and cooker, oven and stove.

Choosing the right kitchen layout - Synergy Cabinets

Our top three tips for an L-shaped kitchen:

  1. Install your plumbing on the exterior facing wall.
  2. Position your sink out of sight from the open plan living area.
  3. If using a kitchen-peninsula, have this facing the open-plan area.

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Synergy Cabinets can help you design your ideal kitchen, we consult and advise on the best layout, cabinetry and finish. Contact us today to get started.


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