Five steps to a dream kitchen

There is little more frustrating than a poorly-planned, outdated, impractical and unattractive kitchen. It is enough to bring even the most cheerful home cook down, as well as the financial value of your property. But, as exciting as a full kitchen renovation may seem, it can be a daunting prospect. Ever-increasing costs, strangers coming and going, the mess and noise, and the enormous inconvenience of not having an accessible kitchen in which to store and prepare food may have you wondering if it is worth it.

With Synergy, it certainly is. You can get your dream kitchen in five simple steps, and in less time and with less inconvenience than you expect.

Five steps to a dream kitchen - Synergy Cabinets

Step 1 – Consult

No doubt you’ve been planning your kitchen for some time, taking inspiration from décor magazines, interior design shows, websites and social media channels such as Pinterest, perhaps even from the homes of family, friends and neighbours.

Five steps to a dream kitchen - Synergy Cabinets

Collect all these pieces of design inspiration and share them with your Synergy designer, along with the following:

  • Ideal kitchen layout
  • Desired components i.e. base units, wall units, tower units, island, pantry etc. (give careful consideration to storage and work space requirements)
  • Preferred cabinetry finish, trim and hardware
  • Choice of counter tops, built-in lighting etc.
  • Appliances that need to be accommodated (large and small such as food processors, steamers and air
  • fryers
  • Special features to be included

If you don’t have a clear design vision or have not made all your choices, don’t stress, your Synergy designer is more than qualified to advise you.

Step 2 – Specifications

This step is all about detail; take the time and pay attention to ensure meticulous measurement and accurate mapping of electrical and plumbing points, windows and doors etc. If you have not yet identified an installer, Synergy can recommend an approved installer who operates in your area. It is advisable to get your installer to assist you with this step.

Five steps to a dream kitchen - Synergy Cabinets

At this stage, you will be asked to share your project budget.

Step 3 – Design

Your Synergy designer will use the information and insight gathered during the consult and specification steps to draft your custom kitchen plans.

He or she will present your kitchen design along with recommendations and suggestions in line with your brief and budget. This is a consultative, collaborative process, and you are invited to make comments and changes to ensure your final kitchen design is what you’ve been dreaming of.

Five steps to a dream kitchen - Synergy Cabinets

Step 4 – Manufacture

Once your kitchen plan and formal quotation are approved, your kitchen is sent for manufacture at Synergy’s local ISO 9001 manufacturing facility in Stikland, Cape Town. Your kitchen will be manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machinery and in adherence with Synergy’s stringent quality standards.

Step 5 – Installation

Your Synergy kitchen is supplied pre-assembled to your unique specifications with all related hardware. This greatly reduces the amount of time the installers need to be on site in your home, and because there is almost no cutting on site, there is minimal mess.

Five steps to a dream kitchen - Synergy Cabinets

What a pleasure!


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