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It’s the month of love, and a perfect time to give your kitchen some TLC. If you have been dreaming about a kitchen makeover for a while, you may have collected some inspiration images from décor and interior design magazines, the internet and product brochures and catalogues, perhaps even on Pinterest. If not, we suggested you start.

These resources are the starting blocks for creating a mood board for your kitchen makeover. Mood boards are also often called concept or design boards; they can be physical boards or in digital format.

Get in the mood - Synergy Cabinets

Putting your ideas into a visual format not only focuses your mind, it starts the filtering process when deciding on products, finishes and features because it provides a template to test their suitability against, while looking at the grand design scheme. If working with others on the project, it shares your vision and enables them to see what you see, taking the guess work out of the relationship.

What to include in your kitchen mood board:

  • Take photographs of the elements of your kitchen that are going to stay and need to be worked around or included i.e. appliances.
  • Include a picture or two of your inspiration, this could be literally a kitchen that you aspire to or an image that captures the feel of what you want to achieve.
  • You should have a sketch of the layout of your kitchen, this does not need to be a professionally drafted floorplan for the purposes of a mood board.
  • Add images or samples of finishes such as paint, counter tops, flooring, lighting and fabric.
  • Appliances and accessories

Get in the mood - Synergy Cabinets

  1. Italtile: Black and White patchwork Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile (200x200mm)
  2. Caesarstone: Bianco Drift
  3. Elevenpast: Maya Kitchen Stool
  4. Eurolux” Memphis Pendant
  5. Synergy Cabinet: Sprayed Cabinet Doors
  6. Yuppiechef: Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Utensil Set
  7. Smeg: 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic
  8. Oggie: Crudo Rustic Pre-Colour Black
  9. Le Creuset: Signature Round Casserole (Ocean)
  10. Midas: Crushed Salt

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